Apr 2019



BeiJing Traditional Chinese Medicine Science Tuina Speciality

Anthony has been practicing Tuina for over 20 years. He has also been an apprentice with famous physicians such as Fuke Zang, Jijun Tian, Cunzhong Fang and JingJiangHu to further enhance his Tuina skills. He has gained signifiant clinical experiences in Beijing orthopaedics hospital specialised in tendon, bon and join dislocation treatments. Proficient in 12 acupoints studies, Dacheng Tuina studies and viscera Tuina. He is dedicated in Chinese medicine studies over the years and insist to cultivate talented yet outstanding therapists.

Areas of Specialization:
Sports injuries, Joint Dislocation, Back Sprain, Stiff Neck; Cervical Spondylosis, Periarthritis of Shoulder, Lumbar Disc Herniation; Headache, Insomnia, Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath; Stomach Bloating, Stomachache, Constipation, Loss of Appetite


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