Mar 2018

Coco Zhang


Executive Director

Mdm Coco Zhang joined Kin Teck Tong Pte Ltd in 2001 as the co-founder of the company. She became the Executive Director of this Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organization since 2009 and has since led the entire company in developing its strategic branding and suite of professional services. These efforts have resulted in the establishment and growth of KTT’s modern TCM clinics since the early days till present.

Mdm Zhang strongly believes that TCM is and will continue to play an important and complementary role within the health, rehabilitation and wellness industry. She placed strategic emphasis on developing the firm’s professional transformation, talent management, enhancing staff capabilities, bringing in new and creative TCM solutions, and as well as improving customers’ experience.

Beyond work, Mdm Zhang actively participate in community and charity events, caring and doing her part for the needy. As a passionate believer of lifelong learning, she has attended executive management courses over the years, such as those organized by Shanghai JiaoTong University, Nanyang Technological University and Georgetown University.

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