Company Background

Kin Teck Tong Pte Ltd is a 50 years old local Traditional Chinese Medicine organization. Starting in the herbal wholesale business, Kin Teck Tong is now known as a contemporary TCM rehabilitation centre that uniquely combines the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with advanced sports science to great effect.

The organisation presently has 3 TCM clinics supported by 60 specialists islandwide, serving more than 60,000 loyal members.



Through the company’s slogan of “celebrating good health, promoting great virtues”, Kin Teck Tong is determined to be the best healthcare consultant for our customers by providing them with high-quality professional TCM treatments. 

Over the past years, Kin Teck Tong’s services in  TCM healthcare, sports injury rehabilitation, pain management and office syndrome treatment have been well received by our customers. The organisation’s continuous efforts has also been recognized by various business associations, where we were given ‘Singapore Prestige Award’  and the  ‘Singapore Heartland Enterprise Award’ for the past 3 years.



To be your premier choice for healthcare



To provide a pain-free life for everyone



Operating with ethics, unwavering commitment



Celebrating good health, promoting great virtues


Our Outpatient Service

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Our Treatment Types

TCM Treatments and Therapies that Work

At Kin Teck Tong, we adopt a holistic, integrative approach towards patient care.  Some of our signature TCM treatments and therapies include:


1. Acupuncture (zhen jiu) 

A key component of TCM, during acupuncture, the patient’s vital energy, “qi” (or “气“)is stimulated and metabolism enhanced by inserting needles into the skin through specific acupoints to treat a range of conditions.


2. Tendon Massage (tui na)

Through a series of manipulative techniques applied over the meridians and acupoints, the massage seeks to stimulate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, relax the muscles, clear up any obstruction in the meridian, relieve spasms and pain and correct deformities. It is also great for treating joint dislocations and wear and tear of soft tissues. Once the meridians are cleared up, the blood and “qi” flow smoothly and the viscera function effectively, in a state of balance between the “yin” and the “yang”.


3. Cupping (ba guan)

Special cups are heated up with negative pressure and applied onto specific acupoints or pain spots so as to reduce swelling and dispel the wind that causes rheumatic pains.


4. Scraping (gu sha)

The patient’s skin is scraped using the rounded edge of a special apparatus until rashes begin to surface, providing an outlet for toxins to be purged from the body.


5. TCM Slimming

The TCM way to slimming is safe with acupuncture, where needles are applied at acupoints, and TCM massage, or “tui-na” (“推拿”), which uses soft tissue massage techniques and acupressure techniques to clear up any blockages along the meridians that will hinder one’s vitality.



For specific areas of care or maintaining overall wellness, we offer:


Our Device Therapy




 1. Cervical Vertebra Therapy Apparatus
(Equipment Availability: Chinatown and Eunos)

  •  Great for relaxing the muscles in the cervical vertebra area.
  • Helps to alleviate the discomfort such as giddiness and numbness, or pain in the areas such as the neck, shoulders, heart and back.


 2. Computer-Controlled Automatic Heat Traction Equipment
(Equipment Availability: Chinatown and Eunos)

  •  Used to generate traction along the neck and lumbar areas, so as to relax the muscle tensions and muscle spasms in those areas, reduce irritation to the nerve roots, alleviate pain and improve mobility.
  • Excellent for the treatment of cervical vertebra related illnesses, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, acute lumbar muscle sprain and lumber disc protrusion.


3. Herbal Steam Therapy
(Equipment Availability: Chinatown and Eunos)

  • A concoction of 28 kinds of TCM herbs is being heated up through a special bed to generate a steam of medication that warms up the body.
  • Excellent for dispelling wind and removing dampness, unblocking collaterals, strengthening tendons and bones, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  • Also suitable for treating joint pain caused by wind, coldness and dampness, pain in the shoulders, backaches, injured soft tissues, spine curvature disorders, muscle degeneration, pain in the ischiadic nerve, insomnia, chronic fatigue and pelvic inflammation.


4. Advanced intermediate Frequency Therapy Apparatus
(Equipment Availability: Chinatown and Eunos)

  • Great for promoting blood circulation in localized areas, strengthening bones and muscles, reducing swells, relieving pain and improving muscle elasticity.
  • Suitable for localized slimming, cervical vertebra related illness, pain in the shoulders, pain in the ischiadic nerve, pelvic inflammation, stomach and intestinal disorders, and post-operative intestinal adhesion.


5. 3D Microwave Therapy Apparatus
(Equipment Availability: Eunos)

  •  Suitable for treating inflammation, desensitization, improving tissue health, relieving muscle spasm and enhancing our immunity.
  • Also ideal for duodenal ulcers, cystitis, prostatitis and menstrual pain and has great therapeutic effects on pain in the shoulders, lumbar and nerve root.


6. Super Interference Waves Pain Treatment Device
(Equipment Availability: Chinatown)

  •  Excellent for treating pains, promoting blood circulation, improving motor neuron functions and promoting fracture recovery.
  • Also great for sprains in the joints, lumber disc protrusion, arthritis, nervous system disorders and clearing up blood circulatory blockages.

7. Sense Organs Ultra-short Wave Therapy Apparatus
(Equipment Availability: Eunos)

  •  Excellent for relieving inflammation and pain relating to the eye, ear, nose, throat and mouth, improving localized blood circulation, promoting metabolism and enhancing our immunity.

8. Nebulizer Therapy Apparatus
(Equipment Availability: Eunos)

  •  Great for complementing the treatment of respiratory illnesses, this device turns medicinal herbs into a mist so that it can be inhaled directly into the lungs.