Aug 14, 2016

Cupping Wins Younger Fans (Straits Times)

Straits Times Cupping Final

Kin Teck Tong reports a 95.6 per cent increase over the past two years in customers – mostly in their 30s – opting for cupping.

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Also, catch Kin Teck Tong’s Physician Yang Ling giving some insights to cupping on CH 8 News Tonight, 13 August 2016.

CH8 News cupping

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Jul 20, 2016

Singapore clinic trials physiotherapy robot

EMMA Govinsider Final


So far, Kin Teck Tong clinic has trialled it on 50 patients with stiff muscles, lower back pain and muscle strains. Emma is also equipped with pressure sensors that can measure how stiff a muscle or tendon is.

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Jul 19, 2016

Robot therapist hits the right spot with athletes (TODAY)

Today EMMA

Singapore national basketball player Chase Tan is a happy customer of his new physiotherapist, Emma. “Emma’s back massages are quite good,” said the MediaCorp artiste.

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December 29, 2015

Sprint queen Pereira looks abroad to take career to next level(Channel News Asia)


As our national athletes aim high, so do we at Kin Teck Tong in being appointed as Singapore Athletics’ Exclusive TCM Partner, with a mission to help our national athletes cope with the training rigour and sports injuries.

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December 29, 2015

Local TCM firm to help national track and field athlete(Today)


Local TCM Kin Teck Tong takes pride to be part of a “holistic combination” of treatments now made available to national athletes with the appointment as Singapore Athletics’ Exclusive TCM Partner on 28 December 2015.

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December 28, 2015

Singapore Athletics signs deal with TCM firm Kin Teck Tong(Channel News Asia)


National athletes will now have the benefit of the best of both Western and Eastern treatments now with Kin Teck Tong being appointed the Exclusive TCM Partner of Singapore Athletics.

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