Pain should not be part of your life

Given today’s stressful lifestyle and demanding work environment, many people are caught in a state of sub-optimal health. Due to the tropical climate in this part of the world, where most people constantly shuttle between air-conditioned indoors and hot outdoors environment serveral times day with many quick, leading to quick and abrupt switches of temperatures, many of us are highly susceptible to falling ill.

For those who sit behind a desk, this work-style causes stiff joints and muscle tensions around the neck and shoulders, lower back and wrists, eye strains and sleep problems.  On the other hand, the hectic pace and the constant pressures that we face at work are causing many to compromise on their exercises, regular meal hours and quality sleep at night.

With rapid globalization,, diseases are no long confined to our home.  We are all vulnerable in one way or another.  And as we age, we get hit by chronic illnesses and many of us have to go on long term medication.

All of these factors affect our immunity and cause us to be susceptible to ailments and illnesses.  The busy lifestyle causes many of us to overlook our general well-being, with some simply living with pain, which can be tell-tale signs of inherent health problems.

At Kin Teck Tong, we believe that no one should live with pain.  In TCM, pain occurs where there is a congestion or blockage of internal circulation of the Qi (“气”, or vital energy within) and the blood.  In adopting a holistic approach towards health management,


Our Vision is to be your premier choice for healthcare;

Our Mission is to provide a pain-free life for everyone;

Our Value is operating with ethics, unwavering commitment;

Our Slogan is celebrating good health, promoting great virtues




  • Healing of the mental and physical states,
  • Integration of the tradition with modern treatment methods, combining herbal cures, special massage techniques, acupuncture and moxibustion, and
  • Balance of the internal well-being with the external.


When we are in the pink of health, we should maintain it.

When we are ill, we should get it treated.

But for the most of us who are in between, let’s work to nurse our sub-optimal health to an optimal state before succumbing ourselves to diseases.