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All of our physicians are registered members of the TCM Practitioners Board under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Health.  We are highly qualified and highly experienced in our respective fields of expertise:


Physicians at Kin Teck Tong @ Eunos


Physicians at Kin Teck Tong @ Chinatown Point


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Li Li-mei
TCM Physician
Graduate, Institute of Chinese Medical Studies
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board


Bilingual in English and Chinese, Physician Li specializes in acupuncture and moxibustion, gynaecology, paediatrics, and depression, insomnia, work- and lifestyle-related ailments, respiratory illnesses, digestion problems, irregular menstruation, menstrual pains and orthopaedics.  Physician Li has healed many throughout her years of experience and is well-loved by her patients.


Physician Li’s services are available @ Eunos Branch.






Yang Ling
TCM Physician
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board
Master of Internal Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Graduate, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Physician Yang seeks to treat holistically, both the ailment symptoms and the disease itself targeting at one’s inner and outer states, by integrating Chinese medicines, acupuncture and moxibustion, external application and treatment therapies.  Her clinical experience is in the areas of respiratory system, gynaecology, tendons and muscles, and the study and treatment of acute and chronic pain.  She also specializes in common ailments such as cough, soft tissue pain, constipation, menstrual pain and perimenopausal syndrome.


Physician Yang’s services are available @ Sports Hub Branch.


Ma Yong-hong
TCM Physician
Nanjing TCM University Degree; Singapore TCM
Registered TCM Physician, Singapore

Physician Ma is versed in TCM general practice and adept in pulse diagnosis. Patients suffering from frozen shoulder, skin diseases, obesity and post-stroke management often reflect good treatment results from her. Physician Ma is also versed in the treatment of pediatric ailments.

Physician Ma specializes in the treatment of gynecological diseases such as infertility, period cramps and irregular periods. Inflammatory diseases of the uterus are also another of her strong point.

Physician Ma’s services are available @ Chinatown Branch.


Huang Hsueh-Yi, David
TCM Physician
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (1st Hons), Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor of Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Masters in Acupuncture and Tuina, Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine

Bilingual in English and Chinese, Physician Huang specializes in treating sports-related injuries and spine related disorders including cervical/lumbar spondylosis, and has experience teaching and guiding patients in rehabilitation exercises.

Physician Huang’s services are available @ Sports Hub Branch.


Hou Ge Li
TCM Physician
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board – 1st intake
Graduate Singapore Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Physician Hou is a veteran with more than 10 years of TCM clinical experience, specializing in internal medicine, pain treatment, acupuncture and Junior Tui-na, particularly rich in all kinds of pain treatment, acupuncture loss-weight, stroke sequelae, stomach diseases and menstrual conditioning.

Physician Hou’s services are available @ Eunos Branch

Niklas Seet
TCM Physician
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board
Nanyang Technological University – Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine – Bachelor of Medicine (Tranditioanl Chinese Medicine) 

Bilingual in English and Chinese, and able to speak conversational Yeochew dialect, Physician Niklas has an interest in internal medicine and traumathai Medical Institute. He has received guidance from various experts, particularly in the fields of respiratory diseases and tuina.

Physician Niklas has a strong passion in treating sports related injuries using various TCM techniques and proper management of them, preventing further deterioration or relapse. With his personal experiences, he understands and can relate to the discomfort and inconvenience that pain brings. He seeks to do his best to help anyone with pain issues, whether it is from sports or from chronic conditions. Physician Niklas’s areas of specialization include: sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Exercises.

Physician Seet’s services are available @ Sports Hub Branch

NG Lai Fan
TCM Physician
Registered Physician, TCM Practitioners Board

Bachelor Degree of TCM, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Complete Acupuncture and Moxibustion of TCM courses, Shanghai Dong Fang Training School of TCM

Encourage attaches great importance to the “prevention before disease onset” to prevent sub-health status and having a health life. Physician Lai Fan’s areas of specialization include: specializes in facial paralysis, stroke sequelae, treatment of acute and chronic pain, insomnia, gynaecology, skin diseases and slimming with acupuncture.

Physician Ng’s services are available @ Chinatown Branch