TCM View to Common Pain and Ailments

Almost every one of us has suffered from pain at one point or another.  This is usually attributed to our daily activities, the exercises that we do or the lack of it, our diet, our pace of living and working conditions, amongst other factors.  While some of us would resort to pain-killers, others simply live with it.  Pain is often not just a symptom of an illness; it is itself like a chronic disease.  If left untreated, it will only aggravate. Here are just some of the common types of pain faced by many:



1. Pain in the Neck, Shoulders and Back

Some of the causes are:

  • Long hours of computer work, desk work or looking down at work
  • Wear and tear of tissues due to old age
  • Bone disorder
  • Lack of exercise
  • Pillows that are too high or too flat


Whether these are related to the nerves, the spine or the artery, they cause great pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck or chest, numbness and weakness in the limbs, feelings of anxiety and nauseousness, giddiness and headache.




2. Menstrual Pain

A common problem among women, menstrual pain can occur before, during and after the period, in the abdomen, waist and lower back.  The pain is usually aggravated if one is prone to taking cold and spicy food before and during the time of the month. 




3. Pain in the Knee

Many of us suffer pain in the knee when walking up and down the steps.  It could be due to a sports injury or the nature of work.  However, one should not stop exercising.  Continuing with the right kind of exercise, such as swimming under warm water condition, will in fact help to speed up recovery.




4. “Tennis” Elbow

The “tennis” elbow affects those of us who spend too much time on an activity that requires the use of the arms repeatedly in the same motion during our daily work, such as housewives, carpenters, electricians and handicraftsmen.




5. Back Ache

Poor sitting posture and constantly carrying heavy weight on the same shoulder are common causes of back ache.  Chronic back ache happens when an earlier spine injury was not fully treated, the back is overworked or the spine is deformed.




6. Pain in the Foot

Foot pain tends to occur after a period of inactivity (such as a long bus ride), long hours of standing, long hours of walking or long hours of wearing heels that are beyond 4cm.

Usually, the pain, wherever that may be, is aggravated under cold conditions.  Treating pain requires a holistic approach that integrates various TCM methodologies in order to achieve full treatment efficacy.  Bring your pain problems to Kin Teck Tong today.