Seeking TCM Treatment 

At Kin Teck Tong, our patients are our top priority.  We make the treatment process fuss-free so that you can stay focused on getting well.


On Visiting Us

While we accept patients who walk in to any of our medical centres, we would also encourage you to make an appointment with us so that time is reserved for you and there is no unnecessary waiting.  For patients who are late for their appointment, you may have to wait a little longer if the next patient has arrived before you.  We would also suggest that you come in loose and comfortable clothing, so that it is easier to administer treatments and therapies if needed.


For your first visit, you will receive consultation by our physician.  Upon diagnosis, a treatment plan will be prescribed according to your condition, which can comprise,

  • Treatments and therapies,
  • The prescription and
  • The herbal medicines.


Treatment Process

The physician will prescribe a course of treatment for you as determined by your condition and your needs, which typically consists of the type(s) of therapy, be it acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping or scraping, machine treatment, duration per session and the required number of sessions needed for recovery.


At Kin Teck Tong, we make herbal medication easy for our patients.  There is no need to decoct the formula over heat for hours as in the traditional method.  Our herbs are ground into powder or processed into tablets for your convenience.


In TCM, food and medicine go hand in hand.  Some of the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a day-to-day basis are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, making them great for preventing diseases.  Soybean and soy-based products, for example, are an excellent source of protein and nutrients.  Chinese yams, sweet potatoes and unpolished grains help to replenish the sticky fluids in our body and to nourish our yin; while fresh ginger, garlic and walnut are great for generating the yang energy in us.


Ask the physicians at Kin Teck Tong how you can incorporate a TCM diet to enhance the efficacy of your treatment today!