Office syndrome is a combination of various discomfort caused by negative factors in the environment, in which people should work every day.

In a nutshell, office syndrome happens when we work for long periods of time in a fixed position. Especially common in offices, employees who spend hours on their desks and in front of the screens may suffer from some form of neck ache, shoulder pain or wrist discomfort.

Poor posture coupled with lack of blood circulation result in stiffness, strains and at times, uneven shifts in body alignment.

Office Syndrome brings about pain in various parts of the joints and muscles in the head, neck, shoulders, back, hands, wrists, waist and knees.

The typical pain killers and pain relief cream only bring temporary relief.

TCM method finds the root of the problem, helping you to improve your condition and strengthening the body and ease back pain, weight problems and headaches provoked by the Office Syndrome.

At Kin Teck Tong, we stay committed to treating the problem, not just relieving the symptoms. With a range of TCM therapies such as AcupunctureChinese Manipulative Therapy (Tui Na) massageCuppingMoxibustion and Herbal treatment (both internally consumed and externally applied), together with the use of advanced therapy devices, we have successfully helped many with their pain and discomfort.


” I felt that the treatments, particularly the massage was very effective….after several sessions, I felt it was not so painful anymore”