TCM Treatments and Therapies that Work

At Kin Teck Tong, we adopt a holistic, integrative approach towards patient care.  Some of our signature TCM treatments and therapies include:



1. Acupuncture (zhen jiu) 

During acupuncture, the patient’s vital energy, “qi” (or “气”)is stimulated and metabolism enhanced by inserting needles into the skin through specific acupoints to treat a range of conditions.

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2. Cupping (ba guan)

Special cups are heated up with negative pressure and applied onto specific acupoints or pain spots so as to reduce swelling and dispel the wind that causes rheumatic pains.

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3. Scraping (gua sha)

The patient’s skin is scraped using the rounded edge of a special apparatus until rashes begin to surface, providing an outlet for toxins to be purged from the body.

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4. Tendon Massage (tui na)

Through a series of manipulative techniques applied over the meridians and acupoints, the massage seeks to stimulate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, relax the muscles, clear up any obstruction in the meridian, relieve spasms and pain and correct deformities. It is also great for treating joint dislocations and wear and tear of soft tissues. Once the meridians are cleared up, the blood and “qi” flow smoothly and the viscera function effectively, in a state of balance between the “yin” and the “yang”.

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5. Facial

The TCM approach to beauty starts from within. Our beauty treatment includes a “gua-sha” (“刮痧”) facial, which involves scraping of the face to purge the underlying toxins, followed by a facial massage and a herbal facial mask to create a tightened and radiant complexion.

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6. Pain Treatment 

We treat pain of all sorts. Our effective pain treatment comprises a combination of methods such as acupuncture, massage manipulation, cupping, herbal medication and moxibustion. 

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7. Slimming

The TCM approach to slimming is with a holistic view to improve digestion, boost metabolism and enhancing vitality or “Qi” (“气”). TCM slimming uses a variety of treatment methods including acupuncture, tuina massage (“推拿”), herbal medication and moxibustion to achieve effective results.

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8. Ovary Care

Particularly critical for women at puberty or entering menopause, ovaries that are well taken care of will help to lighten pigmentation, enhance skin radiance, reduce tummy bulges, and improve overall well-being.

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9. Kidney Care

We become vulnerable to diseases once our kidneys start to malfunction. By maintaining our kidneys well, we preserve our vitality and energy level.

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