Aug 2018

Liu Yue


Pain Rehabilitation Consultant of Kin Teck Tong
Principal Chinese Physician Master’s Programme Tutor
Head of Rehabilitation Unit at the Guangdong
Second Chinese Medicine Hospital President
Rehabilitation Branch of China Medical Association of Minorities Director
Chinese Acupuncture Society

As a pioneer of Chinese medical rehabilitation, Professor Liu currently takes charge of 12 rehabilitation wards and 456 beds, with the clinic focus on succession with innovation and the emphasis on improving clinical efficacy. He has a unique insight on the use of acupuncture for the treatment of cerebral vascular accident.

Professor Liu had undertaken 8 national and provincial level academic topics, authored more than 30 theses, written 2 monographs and edited multiple books.

Medical accomplishment: Staging acupuncture treatment for post stroke limb dysfunction, virility treatment technique for post stroke coma patient and targeted positioning therapy for post stroke swallowing dysfunction

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