Apr 2019

Office Syndrome

Office Syndrome

Experiencing pain, soreness or numbness in the muscles or spine from working on the computer in the office for an extended period of time is termed as Office Syndrome. Unlike the past where more middle aged and elderly experience Office Syndrome, more working adults under the age of 40 are experiencing it too. Symptoms of Office Syndrome include:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Soreness around the eyes
  • Neck or back ache
  • Chronic muscular pain
  • Numbness in wrists or feet
  • Aching or tightness in shoulders

Although these symptoms may seem trivial initially, they may eventually lead to chronic pain, intervertebral disc disease or spine abnormalities which will eventually affect normal functional activities if left untreated.

Take away

  • Check if you have, or are in danger of Office Syndrome
  • Understand the causes of Office Syndrome and how to prevent it
  • Learn about the different health care methods including posture adjustments to tackle Office Syndrome


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